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Increasing size of icon in AUTOCAD2000

I am currently using AUTOCAD under Windows 2000. When I close down a file to an icon in AUTOCAD2000, if the file name has more than 8-10 characters, I can read the rest of the file name in the icon. Is there a way of increasing the size of the icon, so I can view the whole filename?
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a programmatic way to increase the taskbar item sizes. However, you can click and drag the edge of the task bar up to increase the number of rows displayed. That will give more room for actual items to display. Of course, moving the mouse over the taskbar item will pop up a tool tip so you can see the whole string. Another alternative is to press ALT+TAB because the popup window will show more text about the individual items. Be sure to use ALT+SHIFT+TAB to move backwards in the list.

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