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Installed Win2k Pro and Adv. Server beta versions, but can't get real versions to install

I built a server at home (128M bytes). I can install Win2k (Professional and Advanced Server) beta versions, but I can not install the real version. Installation fails in the stage of hardware detection. It seems like Win2k does not "like" one of my hardware components (perhaps my display adapter - ATI with Rage 128. What can I do to install the real Win2k version besides changing my hardware?

This can sometimes happen when you are installing the retail version over the top of the old beta versions. You should completely deinstall - or better --format the hard drive - then try to do the installation again.

For my home systems I will usually take the opportunity to buy a larger/faster hard drive. Then I will remove the old hard drive, put the new one in and build the system. Then I will reattach the old hard drive as a slave. Then I can copy all of my files over. When I am done I completely reformat the old drive and re-organize the space.

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