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Installing Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition on top of Exchange 2000 Standard Edition

Read these precautions before installing Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition on top of Exchange 2000 Standard Edition on Small Business Server 2000.

Our Exchange 2000 server, which is part of Microsoft's Small Business Server 2000, is reaching its database size limit (14 GB). We already purchased a copy of Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, and would like to simply install it on top of the previous version. Is it possible to proceed with the proposed approach? Are there any risks of losing information, either from the Active Directory or from the Exchange Server database? Where can I find detailed information about this procedure?
With Exchange 2003 SP2, you can have database sizes up to 75 GB with Standard Edition. Please see the SP2 information: Frequently asked questions about Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2.

For in-depth information directly from Microsoft on this issue, please see its published article: Considerations when you upgrade to Exchange Server 2003. If you are running any of these components, you should remove them before considering your upgrade to Exchange 2003:

  • cc:Mail Connector
  • Chat
  • Conferencing Server
  • Instant Messaging
  • Key Management Service
  • Mobile Information Server
  • MSMail Connector

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