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Instant Messaging with Exchange 2000

How can I deploy a single Instant Messaging client to my Exchange 2000 users but provide access to both Exchange IM and MSN Messenger services.
There are two different versions of Microsoft's Instant Messaging client. Version 2.2 of the Exchange 2000 Messenger client ships with Exchange 2000, and can be found in the instmsgi386client folder on the CD. This client contains the RVP provider that enables communication with an Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging server, and the MSN provider that enables communication with MSN Messenger users. Version 3.5 is the latest version of the MSN Messenger client, and it can be freely downloaded from http://messenger.msn.com. This client contains the updated MSN provider for MSN Messenger clients, which includes support for Internet phone calls, file transfer and stock tracking. You can maintain use of the providers into a single client - and therefore communicate with both Exchange 2000 and MSN Messenger users - by first installing Exchange Messenger 2.2, and then upgrading it to MSN Messenger 3.5.

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