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Intelligent Message Filter installation issue

I am using Exchange 2003. I installed the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) but the counter for it never showed up, even after a few days and restarting Exchange services. I thought I would reinstall, but the 'remove' failed with a message suggesting the original install had a problem. Now when I try to install, I get a similar error message. Can you point me to some information on manually removing IMF?
I'm guessing you received an error message similar to this:
Event ID: 7514
An error occurred while loading Microsoft Exchange
Intelligent Message Filter. 
The error code is <error code>.

According to the IMF deployment guide, you should simply uninstall IMF and then reinstall. I'm not 100% certain why it will not let you do this. However, I think it is a strong possibility that the SMTP service is hanging on to the failed installation. I would try to stop the SMTP service and then remove IMF.

If successful, then you should be able to reinstall. If you still have no luck then, depending on how brave you are, you could try to manually remove all references to IMF using ADSIEdit. Look for the IMF configuration settings on the server object to which you installed IMF. If you want to take this route, please get a good backup of Active Directory and your Exchange servers first. A misconfiguration in ADSIEdit could spell disaster.

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