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Internal domain naming for NT4 to Win2k migration

We are in the beginning stages of planning the migration from 4.0 to 2000. We have 70 servers, 1300 users, 10 office locations. We have a registered domain name for Internet access and a private internal domain space called FIRM. Our Exchange config for Org=FIRM, Site=location of office server=each office has its own Exchange server. What is your opinion on what we should have as an internal name? Should we keep it as is, knowing it can never be used externally? Should we change it to FIRM.OURCOMPANY.COM for the 2000 rollout? Or change it to our external registered name?
I would change the domain name to FIRM.OURCOMPANY.COM. This should make it possible for you to still access the Internet and potentially have Internet traffic routed into your network. At the same time you are protecting yourself to a certain degree since FIRM.OURCOMPANY.COM is not an Internet published domain name.

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