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Internet Explorer 7 causes Outlook Web Access issues

After an Internet Explorer 7 upgrade on Exchange 2003, an Outlook Web Access user cannot send new email or reply to messages. Our expert offers advice.

We utilize Exchange Server 2003 with Outlook Web Access (OWA) for many of our internal clients. Recently, a user accepted the Internet Explorer (IE) 7 browser upgrade in his Windows XP Pro machine. Since that time, the New Message button and Log-Off button in Outlook Web Access do not operate, thereby preventing users from sending or replying to email messages.

We have deleted the S/MIME control, and applied Microsoft's 924334 hotfix to the Exchange server without successfully correcting the OWA problem. The browser indicates an "undefined" JavaScript error on the page. We reverted the browser back to Internet Explorer 6, but we still get the same error.

The machine is operating the latest version of Java. Any suggestions on how to correct the error, short of re-imaging the machine, would be greatly appreciated.

After you applied the Microsoft 924334 hotfix and restarted your Exchange server, did you re-download the S/MIME control to the browser, even if the Options screen in OWA said that it was already installed?

Try adding your Exchange server's domain to the browser's Trusted Sites list as well as to its popup blocker white list. Do any of these help? Please post your follow-up to this forum.

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