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Internet Explorer isn't displaying listed favorites

 A user has done something to disable IE6 Favorites from displaying any listed favorites. When logged on as the user on a specific PC, I open IE 6 SP1 on W2K SP4, click on Favorites then Add to Favorites and Organize Favorites appears, but with no list under it. When he clicks on Add to Favorites or Organize Favorites, no new window appears.

I have reinstalled IE6 with SP1 and all the subsequent patches with no improvement. I have also checked permissions and they appear to be OK. I can logon as a PCAdmin and it works fine. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

This may be due to a misconfigured Group Policy Option for IE, "Delete Existing Favorites and Links If Present." Make sure this option is unchecked. It sounds like it may be enabled for this particular user or user group.

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