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Internet Mail Service removal problem

Recently, we removed the IMS on 5.5, which our mail was being routed through. We then created the SMTP connector for our Exchange 2000 environment. This all appeared to go well. We then received a flood of calls from our internal users.

We have a mailbox with the primary SMTP address of test@domain.com. (Display name in Active Directory is Test Mailbox.) The mailbox also has several other aliases, such as training@domain.com and tips@domain.com. The domains are not always the same; we host several different domain names. Prior to removing the IMS, when a user received an e-mail from training@domain.com the "from" line would still have training@domain.com as the sender. Now when the user receives the e-mail, it states Test Mailbox in the "from" line.

Why did this change when we removed the IMS and routed messages through the SMTP connector?
I suspect that what you're experiencing in the new Exchange 2000 environment is essentially that your display names are being sent to the Internet. I am assuming that the behavior is being observed on messages that are sent to Internet recipients. This can be turned off to be consistent with the behavior your users were accustomed to in the Exchange 5.5 days by doing the following:

1. Launch Exchange System Manager (ESM).

2. Navigate to the Global Settings container, which should be at the top of the left-hand pane in ESM.

3. Highlight "Internet Message Format" and view the properties for "default" listed in the right panel of ESM.

4. Click on the Advanced tab.

5. Uncheck "Preserve sender's display name on message."

Your messages should now be getting to your Internet recipients with just the SMTP address appearing in the "From" field. If, by chance, you are also observing the same behavior that I just described on messages sent in-bound to your organization, then there's a chance that you were experiencing what is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 242301 "XCLN: Messages Received from Internet Display SMTP Address on the To and Cc Lines." That scenario only applies when users are co-located on the same Exchange 5.5 server as your Internet Mail Service (IMS). In this case, the P2 header information is not resolved as described in the article. If that was the case, you can achieve similar functionality by following the instructions in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 288635 "XIMS: ResolveP2 Functionality in Exchange 2000 Server."

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