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Invalid page fault in module wininet.dll

I get this error message when I am on the internet, "IExplore caused an invalid page fault in module wininet.dll" and it won't let me open the web page.

I've never seen this problem before so I did a quick search for the error message at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/. According to Microsoft, this problem happens when the Autocomplete function tries to look through the list of Web sites that you have visited recently and finds a corrupted folder. Autocomplete is Internet Explorer's capability of filling in a partially typed website name. For example, if you type www.cn and Internet Explorer fills in www.cnn.com, it is Autocomplete that's helping you out.

Microsoft has a procedure for fixing it. I'll just give you the link:


Unfortunately, the method they present is rather brute-force. So, after you're done, Internet Explorer's history will be empty and all your cookies will be gone. Without your cookies, websites that know who you are without prompting for a username and password will forget you.

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