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Is MS offering any more security certs yet?

In December of 2002, you had an article discussing the possibility of Microsoft offering more security certifications, Forecast and Review: Expect an easy upgrade path to Windows Server .NET. Has there been a follow-up to that? I see that they recently added books focused on the newer CompTIA Security+ certification. One book was put out through MS Press and the other book is through the official MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) -- I believe class 2810. Thank you.
At TechMentor in New Orleans in early April, David Lowe of Microsoft Training & Certification (its security and specialty programs) said that Microsoft is considering adding new certifications on security and other areas of specialization but was not willing to comment on timeframes, contents or other details. I believe there might be a security cert (or perhaps more than one) in the offing in 2004 or 2005. Given their current exam schedule and future commitments to BackOffice component exams in late 2003/early 2004, it seems pretty unlikely to me that such a program (or programs) would be introduced before mid-year next year.

That said, when it comes to second-guessing Microsoft, I could always be wrong -- but I do have a decent track record at this kind of thing (I'm currently batting between .600 and .700 on my "Microsoft prognostications" according to my own tracking over the past 5 years).


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