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Is NetBEUI secure when running file sharing on a SOHO LAN?

Ms. Hunter, you commented in your response about NetBEUI, "Most recent operating systems have largely automated the configuration of TCP/IP in a SOHO (small office/home office) environment, which largely negates any practical reason to opt for NetBEUI." I've heard, however, that since NetBEUI isn't routable, it's the perfect solution for running file sharing on a SOHO LAN. Even if you forget and set your permissions wrong, if file sharing is bound only on NetBEUI and not TCP/IP, you can guarantee that no one will be able to see and/or mount your shares. Do you have an opinion on this strategy?
That theory is reasonable if you are stopping all threats at your router. (And that's a mighty big "if.") Obviously, if an intruder penetrates as far as your LAN, all the usual security risks inherent to NetBEUI become wide open for attack.

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