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Is SMS overkill in a small environment?

We are a small company with approximately 1,500 workstations. We do have approximately 45 regional offices throughout the U.S., which are included in the 1,500 total. We installed SMS 2.0 as a pilot in our headquarters. In this small environment, is SMS overkill?

We are a Windows 2000 Active Directory environment, which we can use for software distribution. We also have a hardware and software inventory system that we are running as a pilot. This system is much easier to use then SMS.

Could you please tell me if there is a reason to implement SMS 2.0, which will be costly in our environment with regards to the regional offices? Also, SMS 2003 is about to be released. Are we going to miss any features that are important in a Win2k domain environment? Any help you can give me, I would really appreciate.
If you are happy with your current technologies, and they are working for you, I wouldn't consider another solution. SMS 2.0 and SMS 2003 would give you the ability to manage your WAN/LAN bandwidth and utilization a bit better than just AD. I only note this because you mention the 45 regional offices, which I'm sure are connected through various speed links. SMS 2003, specifically, will allow software distribution using BITS technology. The only drawback I see in your environment is the inability for AD and GPO to deliver security patches from Microsoft. You may want to consider, at least, putting in an SUS server to distribute hotfixes and patches to your computer to make sure they are secure.

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