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Is an Oracle Development certification sufficient enough to find work?

I have been a programmer in different variations of Business Basic for the last 20 years, namely Thoroughbred Basic and IDOL-IV, for the last eight years. I know these languages and job opportunities are now dead. I want to stay in programming. I have just completed my certification in Oracle Development 8i. SQL, PL/SQL, forms, reports. How good a certification is this? What are my chances of finding work even as a trainee or junior developer? Is this certification sufficient or I will need to acquire more certifications such as Java, HTML and XML?
Oracle is the most popular DBMS out there and with over 200,000 Oracle Certified Professionals (OCPs) now in existence (see my weblog titled "Oracle Certified Population tops 200,000" for more information on this). The numbers say your chances of finding some job with OCP certification is better than that for other database certifications. That said, there are many more opportunities for database administrators (DBAs) than for database developers. I do think Oracle developer certification does offer potential job opportunities that you should investigate before thinking about tackling further certifications.

Thus, I think you should engage in a thorough and persistent job search (for at least 3 or 4 months) before weighing other database or out-and-out development credentials. That said, a knowledge of markup languages (HTML, XHTML, XML syntax and grammar, and XML applications) is essential for any savvy, capable coder nowadays. If you find yourself with a "yearning for learning" while you're involved in your job search, it won't hurt and will probably help your job chances if you can also acquire working knowledge of HTML and XML markup along the way.

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