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Is cloning a boot disk possible on a Win2k DC?

On April 16, someone asked about moving a Win2k OS from a small drive to a larger one. You recommended Ghost. I need to do this for a Win2k domain controller (the only one on my network). I tried Ghost Corporate Edition version 7.5 and it seemed to work at first, but before the GUI came up, I got a BSOD with an Inaccessible Boot Device error when I booted from the replacement drive. I tried to get into the Recovery Console, which I had loaded before, and I got a disk read error. The new drive is known good hardware; I just replaced it with a larger one as a data drive without problems. Is cloning a boot disk possible on a Win2k DC?
I've not performed a DC boot disk cloning myself, but I have heard success stories from those who have. I would suggest performing a low-level format on the new drive and retrying the operation. You might have a stick of bad RAM in the system where you are working or you may have a slightly out-of-date device driver for your drive controller.

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