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Is it OK to use the Microsoft certification logos on a resume?

Having recently earned an MCP in Win2000 Professional and soon to have MCSA, is it appropriate to use the Microsoft certification logos on a resume? It's always good to set your resume off from all the others in the stack, but how are these certification logos viewed by a prospective employer?
By itself, the MCP logo doesn't really mean much (I've never seen one used on a resume myself), but the MCSA might be worth something to prospective employers. Although logos and icons may add some "eye appeal" to a resume, what's in the resume (and how accurate and cogent it is to an employer's needs) counts a lot more.

My advice: put the emphasis on your skills, knowledge and abilities. Use logos only sparingly (most people simply provide a list of certifications near the end of their resumes, near where they list degrees, memberships in professional societies and so forth).

HTH. For more good advice on the subject, check out Paula Moreira and Robyn Thorpe's excellent book "ACE the IT Resume" (ISBN: 0072194030). For $15 (list price) it's chock full of good advice and examples you can use to build a stunning and compelling resume.

Good luck!

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