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Is it a good idea to blend various certification courses?

I currently hold an MCSE in Windows 2000. I wish to specialize in security along with making myself an expert in networking. I recently did my Security+ I now plan to do CCNA and CCDA before I go on to do the Security+ Certified Ethical Hacker, CIW Security Analyst, SCNP and some Red Hat Linux courses. I also then wish to go on and do the CCSP Cisco certification or otherwise just do the Cisco firewall specialist certification. What do you think of these courses? Do you think it is wise to do a blend of all these courses?
While your blend of proposed credentials is somewhat unusual, it's unusual only because it requires covering a lot of different ground rather than ground not worth treading. Because you already have a Security+ and an MCSE, I'm not sure the CIW Security Analyst cert is worth the added time and effort, but it probably won't slow you down much in any case. Otherwise, you've got a great mix of topics and as long as you can spend the time and money necessary to pursue them, should help you build your credibility as an information security professional. Good luck with your pursuits.

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