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Is it possible for Win2k users to authenticate to a Linux server?

Hi. I'm running both a Linux 8.0 server and a Windows 2000 server. I'm looking to have all my users on Win2k server with Active Directory. Where do I start?

So far I've been able to configure Kerberos on the Linux box, so that my Linux users can get tickets from the Win2k Key Distribution Center (KDC). My main question is: How can I get my Win2k users to authenticate or log in to the Linux server? Is this even possible?

It's not impossible, just an uphill battle. Try delving into the documentation from Microsoft's Services for Unix. Pay close attention to using Kerberos in a Unix environment, the details should be similar for Linux. I know there is an issue of needing to create user accounts on the Win2k system and mapping those accounts onto Unix user accounts. I also know that it is possible to establish a trust between a Win2k AD domain and a Unix-based Kerberos realm. However, I don't know the details to accomplish any of these items. Start out at TechNet and also try Microsoft's Windows 2000 Web site.

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