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Is it possible to implement a shared Outlook calendar without Exchange?

Explore your options for creating a shared calendar for Outlook 2003 users who receive outsourced POP3 email, and have no Exchange Server running.

Our company outsources all of our e-mail through a POP3 account (using Microsoft Outlook 2003), with no Exchange server running. We would like to have a single shared calendar so everyone knows when conference rooms are taken. What's the best way to accomplish this?
Since you're asking about how to achieve a shared calendar without an Exchange Server running, this really isn't an Exchange Server question. That said, there's no way without an Exchange server of doing this using Microsoft native solutions (i.e., Microsoft Outlook).

You'll need to either purchase an Exchange Server, or find a third-party application to enable group calendaring. I'd suggest you start by doing some searches at Slipstick.com for starters.

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