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Is it possible to log onto a different domain and not have to reinstall user profiles and settings?

In reference to moving a Win2k Pro client PC to a new Win2k domain from an NT 4.0 domain, how do I keep the profile of the old.DomainUsername, so the desktop and installed programs staying looking and behaving exactly the same when the computer logs on to the new.DomainUsername? We have tried "just copying the profile" but that does not give the desired effect. The new login STILL has a different wallpaper, a different startup set, etc.

Here is our goal: log to a new domain, keep all existing Windows settings, all printers, all programs working the same, all icons the same, etc.

Is this even possible? I have looked on the Web for this answer for quite some time now.
Create a roaming user profile for each user. Configure both the old and new domains to pick up the roaming user profile from the same location. Make sure that you set the roaming user profile folder's ACL (access control list) so that the user can access it from both domains.

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