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Is it possible to monitor Active Directory performance?

Expert Laura E. Hunter offers some suggestions for monitoring Active Directory performance and security events.

Is it possible to monitor the usage of Active Directory? I work in a company where many techs have access to AD and can modify as needed. If so, I will be notified whenever someone changes stuff in AD. I am just a branch administrator of the local office. I would like to know a way to monitor from the local PC where the AD connection is available. Please advise me. Thanks.

There are any number of free and third-party tools available to monitor Active Directory performance and security events. You can use Microsoft's free EventCombMT or LogParser utility to comb through Event Viewer log files on multiple servers and then use scripts to respond accordingly. If you're willing to throw a bit of money at the solution, there is always the Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), which provides a centralized management console to monitor services and system performance, in addition to third-party tools from vendors like Quest and NetPro.

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