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Is it possible to retrieve info from MIB files through SNMP?

Is it possible to retrieve info from MIB files for any network device thru Windows SNMP? Do we have any restrictions for that? Basically I need to know information about a particular device (e.g. printer) connected to the network.
Yes, it's possible to gather a lot of information from systems using SNMP. The only restrictions are that SNMP has to be enabled on the target system, and you have to know the system's SNMP community name (a simplistic form of authentication).

You can certainly write an application that calls the SNMP APIs directly, but that's not the easiest path. There are many programs available that query SNMP-enabled systems. If you go to a site like http://www.download.com/ and search for the phrase 'SNMP', you'll find many. Good luck.

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