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Is it possible to set up a Win2k server as a BDC on a NT4 PDC?

I continue to get conflicting information about setting up a Win2k server as a backup domain controller (BDC) on NT4 primary domain controller (PDC). I have read all the notes that say you can't do it, but still some references that say it is possible. Could you let me know if someone has overcome the Microsoft usual limitations for cross platform compatability for continuing to use NT4?
This reminds me of a quote from Jurassic Park when Jeff Goldblum's character says "You were so concerned about whether you could, that you didn't stop to think if you should."

Can you make a Windows 2000 Server act like a BDC -- through rather unscrupulous means yes. Is it something you...

should do -- no.

Even if you can, a Windows 2000 BDC would offer you no advantage over a Windows NT 4.0 BDC. The system would not offer you any of the new slick features of Windows 2000 or Active Directory. You are better off spending your time and energy on coming up with a solid plan for migration to Windows 2000 and Active Directory than trying to force a Windows 2000 server into a role it is not meant to have.

This was last published in January 2002

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