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Is server edition of Windows needed to create multiple remote desktops?

This admin wants to have multiple remote desktop users access a Windows machine simultaneously.

According to the tip, How can I create multiple remote desktop users? I need a server edition of Windows to create multiple remote desktops.

I was surprised to read this because I read another article that says if you install (or copy) the hosted files, it is possible to use multiple sessions concurrently.

Could you please tell me if the information given is correct, and if it's safe to use this method?

The only supported means of having multiple remote desktop users access a Windows machine simultaneously is to deploy Terminal Services. The Remote Desktop Client in Windows XP will only allow a single session. The article that you reference involves placing your XP workstation in an unsupported state that is in violation of the Microsoft EULA, as well as leaving the machine vulnerable to rootkits and other security issues.

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