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Is the MCSD worth pursuing, considering I already have 16 years of experience?

Hi. I am a seasoned software developer with 16 years of PC project experience with fortune 500 companies. I am studying for my MCSD certification and I am not sure I am taking the quickest or most practical way. Do you have any suggestions on how I can better prepare for passing the required exams in the shortest amount of time? And is it worth pursuing, considering I have all of that past experience?
Consider this: there are nearly 500,000 MCSEs, and most experts guesstimate that MCSA numbers will surpass MCSE counts by next year. On the other hand, the total number of MCSDs is less than 40,000 (under 10% of MCSE). Given your years of experience, as long as you know the MS APIs, development tools and so forth, you may not find the MCSD necessary. For somebody without (or with less) experience, the cert might make a critical difference. For you, maybe not. Ask a national headhunter (www.roberthalf.com, www.mri.com, etc.) if you would realize significant benefits from obtaining an MCSD. I suspect you may not need it as much as others with less knowledge or experience. Please share your discoveries with me (etittel@lanw.com), so I can share it with our reader community. Thanks for writing.


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