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Is there a script to auto-shutdown and restart Exchange Server before a nightly NT backup?

Do you know of a script I can write to shutdown MS Exchange Server before a nightly Windows NT backup on NT 4.0 SP6a OS, and to restart MS Exchange?

You didn't provide any details on your environment, but there are command-line methods you can use to stop and/or start services. If this is being done locally, you would use NET STOP or NET START. For remote services, you need a Resource Kit tool called NETSVC or SC, both of which can be used to stop/start services remotely.

Below is a sample batch file for stopping services (which will likely need to be modified to account for the services you are actually using).

net stop MSExchangeMSMI
net stop MSExchangePCMTA
net stop MSExchangeFB
net stop MSExchangeDX
net stop MSExchangeIMC
net stop MSExchangeMTA
net stop MSExchangeIS
net stop MSExchangeDS
net stop MSExchangeSA

To start these same services, you would use this batch file:

net start MSExchangeSA
net start MSExchangeDS
net start MSExchangeIS
net start MSExchangeMTA
net start MSExchangeIMC
net start MSExchangeDX
net start MSExchangeFB
net start MSExchangePCMTA
net start MSExchangeMSMI

For more information, click here. Also, you might consider taking online backups. This way, Exchange can still be available to your users during the backup.

Hope this helps.


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