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Is there a time limit for completing the MCSA certification?

I have been a MCP since February 2003. I have taken my two exams (70-210 and 70-215, Win2K Professional and Server respectively). Now I am planning to complete my MCSA certification. Is there is any time limit for completing the four papers which are required for MCSA from the day I became a MCP? I have heard from some sources that one has to complete the certification within one year.
What you heard from some sources is inaccurate: as long as Microsoft continues to offer the exams necessary to obtain the MCSA on Windows 2000 (and so far, it has announced neither any plans to discontinue any of those exams, nor any specific dates for such discontinuance). My best guess is that as long as you finish before the end of 2005, you should be OK. That said, if you actually want to get some good out of a Windows 2000 credential, now that Windows Server 2003 is out, you should probably try to finish your MCSA within the next 6 months or sooner. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to immediately follow up with the 70-292 MCSA upgrade exam for Windows Server 2003 without having any time to rest on your laurels and seek work based on your newly earned MCSA.

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