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Is there a way to back up settings when reinstalling Windows 2000 server?

I am planning to make some hardware changes to my server (to change main board, and CPU), but I am not sure if it would be necessary to reinstall it (Win 2000 SBS). If I must reinstall Windows 2000 server, is there a way to backup settings and restore them to a newly installed server? Would system backup be able to do this? I have to backup Active directory, DNS, DHCP, SQL server and ISA server.
I would not rely upon the native Windows backup tool. Use a trusted Windows 2000 compatible backup tool. Make a full backup of the system. Upgrade the hardware. Attempt a reboot. If it fails, perform a repair operation. If that fails, perform an upgrade install. If that fails, then you'll have to re-install the OS from scratch, reconfigure everything, then restore your data files from backup.

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