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Is there a way to limit bandwidth to specific computers on the network?

Our small business uses the Internet as an e-mail tool, no e-commerce. Periodically, our staff uses a lot of bandwidth for music listening, game playing, etc. We are running Win03 Server w/AD and use a Symantec 200R Firewall to the Internet. Are there any effective ways to limit bandwidth to specific computers on the network, either through local registry or global settings on the server OS?
The most effective way to do this if you're using Win2K3 is with ISA Server, which lets you do both firewalling and network speed throttling based on any criterion you choose to throw at it. Symantec 2000 Firewall may also allow for bandwidth throttling, although I have not tested it myself. Many network appliances that do firewalling and sharing also have some form of bandwidth throttling feature.

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