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Is there a way to prevent Regedit from remembering the last viewed key?

Is there a way to prevent Regedit from "remembering" the last key viewed when you exit? This feature is useful, but sometimes it is annoying -- like when you want to start a new session and do a search, for instance.
HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppletsRegedit is the key where Regedit stores these settings. The trick is to set the key's ACL (access control list) so that you can't write to it, and then Regedit can't store its last view settings there. You can either delete the values in this key, and Regedit uses defaults every time it starts, or you can customize them, and Regedit uses your custom settings every time it starts. In either case, set the key's ACL so that you can read but not write values.

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