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Is there a way to recover a mailbox?

I had to delete a mailbox because of a problem it was having. Before I did, I exported the Inbox to a PST file so I wouldn't lose any e-mails. Once I recreated the mailbox, the user clicked on the Contacts folder, but there was nothing there. He also clicked on the Calendar only to find that all the appointments were gone. Is there a way to restore this information? Or once the mailbox is gone, it's gone?
It may be possible to recover this data. Do you have a backup of your mailbox store that was taken prior to deleting the user's mailbox? If so, you can restore that to a recovery server, then use ExMerge to export the contents of the recovered mailbox to a PST file, which then can be opened and imported in Outlook to move the items back into the person's new mailbox.

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