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Is there a way to stop/start non-MS services with a batch file prior to nightly backup?

In Windows 2000, is there a way to stop and start non-MS services with a batch file? Our backup software has an Exchange agent that is dependent upon a non-MS service being run. The service sometimes hangs, or spontaneously stops, and our Exchange backup fails. The software vendor is no help, so we'd like to be able to automate the process by stopping and starting the service every night prior to the backup. Thanks very much for any info.
Yes, it is. Just use the NET STOP command to stop the service (e.g., NET STOP SERVICENAME) and NET START to start the service when the backup is completed. If you're going to use the service's long name (e.g., a service name with a space in it) instead of its short name, be sure to put quotes around the command (e.g., NET STOP ?MY SERVICE?).

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