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Is there a way we can remove DNS info and replace it with DHCP info?

We use DHCP to assign IP addresses and default gateways, but we manually enter DNS and other network info. If we want to remove that info and use the info by DHCP, can we use some kind of scripts or REG files? The workstations are NT and Win2k.
Your best bet might be to use some type of software packager/installer to capture the associated registry changes into a .zap or a .msi file. Create a clean workstation with no software installed other than the OS. Configure the IP settings as they currently exist on your network: DHCP-assigned IP & gateway, manually-assigned DNS/WINS. Use this to create your "before" snapshot. Then make the appropriate changes to the network settings and create an "after" snapshot to roll out to your clients. This will obviously require a great deal of testing, especially if your client hardware is not uniform -- different NIC adapters, motherboards, etc. will create different (and often incompatible) registry entries.

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