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Is there any way to get a summary of all BADMAIL for a given period?

Is it possible to generate a report on items in the BADMAIL folder? SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains your options.

I have recently conducted an e-mail campaign for the company I work at. There was an error in the configuration for the application I was using to send e-mail. I used the application and pointed it at our Exchange server to send e-mail.

I know what the error was and how to fix it. What I need to find out is what e-mail addresses have not been able to be delivered, delayed, etc.

I know that the messages that didn't make it are stored in the "BADMAIL" folder. Is there any way to get a summary of all of the "BADMAIL" for a day or period, so I don't have to go through each individual file?

Unfortunately, no. There's no way that I'm aware of that will report on all the message headers for items in the BADMAIL folder. You could probably write some code to recourse through the folder and pull out any text which contains an "@" symbol, which might meet your requirements. But I'm not aware of any native Microsoft or third-party tools to do this.

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