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Is there any way to increase the maximum number of inbound connections on NT/Win2k/XP workstations?

My company has an old and small NT4 server controlled, domain-based network with 15 computers. We have a new machine with a large hard disk running with OEM-XP Pro. We want it to act as a fileserver, but of course, it cannot accept more than 10 inbound connections. We need about 20. Is there any way to increase the maximum number of inbound connections (10) on Win NT/Win2k/XP workstations? Or is there any trick to fool these workstations to accept more than 10?
There is a sort of a workaround, according to Microsoft: "Any file, print, named pipe or mail slot session that does not have any activity on it will be automatically disconnected after the AutoDisconnect time has expired; the default for this is 15 minutes. Once the session is disconnected, one of the 10 connections will be available so that another user can connect to the Windows NT workstation system. Therefore, lowering the AutoDisconnect time can help to reduce some of the problems users may encounter with the 10-connection limit or 5-connection limit on a system that is not used heavily for server purposes."

You can configure the AutoDisconnect time by running the following command from a command prompt:
net config server/autodisconnect:time_before_autodisconnect

This isn't a perfect solution, but it might do the trick in your case, especially if you are only dealing with intermittent connections.

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