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Is there software for replicating a Win2k Web server?

I need to know if there is software for replicating a Windows 2000 Web server. We have three Web servers in a rack and two SQL servers. We have the load balancing figured out and have software for SQL replication, but need to have it for the Web servers. Any suggestions?
My recommendation is to not "replicate" your content, but publish the content from your staging server to all three production servers simultaneously. If you're using a content management system, it probably has this built in. If not, you can create a simple batch file using XCOPY to copy all updates files from the staging server to your production servers.

If you don't use a staging server today, you should. You don't need a dedicated server. Just set up a separate Web site on one of your servers using a unique IP address, host name or port number.

Good luck!

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