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Is there software to set up a Windows 2000 Server test lab?

Does simulation software exist for Windows 2000 Server for setting up a test, lab similar to what MCP magazine mentions this month for 2003 and Windows XP?

I have three computers set up on a switch on which I have been doing my testing for Win2k Certifications. I have 70-210 and 70-215 completed, and I was wondering about testing for the Exchange and SQL Server exams. I don't know what's involved in those tests, so I don't know what I will need. I have access to the Internet via a DSL line through BellSouth.
If you have three computers, you can find 120-day evaluation copies of Win2k Pro and Server, either on the Microsoft Web site or by asking for CDs of same from your local (or closest) Microsoft sales office. I'd suggest obtaining, installing and getting to know the real thing, since that experience will help you get ready for your certifications better than a simulation would. That said, I don't know of any comprehensive, full-fledged Win2k simulators outside of the proprietary tools that companies like TestOut use as part of their practice testing and virtual lab environments. I hope I've answered your questions satisfactorily. But if not, feel free to post again or to e-mail me directly at ed.tittel@techtarget.com.

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