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Is there software which compiles batch files into executables?

I recently discovered QBFC which I found to be a very useful software. Do you know about similar software which compiles a .VBS script into an executable?
There are a few such things floating around. One is ExeScript 2.0, which can compile batch files, Visual Basic and Java script files into executables. I suspect the way it does this is by packaging the runtime for the script with the script itself, so the resulting files are probably not very efficiently compiled. The program's free to try for 30 days, so you can determine if it's a useful solution in your case. Admin Script Editor also has a tool to convert .VBS scripts into executables.

The only other way I know of to compile any Visual Basic application into an executable is with Microsoft's Visual Studio application-development tools. This is probably the best long-term solution, although also the most expensive.

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