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Issues of staying on Exchange 5.5 when other divisions convert to Exchange 2000

Hi, Scott. I am starting a new career in the IT field and I am working for a network administrator. We are posed with a possible future problem that we are not sure about. We are currently using Windows Exchange 5.5 (LAN) and Windows NT (internal network). One of our other divisions is converting to Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000. We are not planning to upgrade. What problems can we expect?
Hey, wouldn't that be something if I could tell you exactly what issues you will encounter. Unfortunately, my psychic powers have yet to develop sufficiently to allow me to do so. And sadly, you didn't really tell me enough about your environment to enable me to give you any professional advice. Having said that, the biggest issue will depend on whether or not you have a single domain or multiple domains. If you have a single domain and they go to Windows 2000, they are taking you with them. If they introduce Exchange 2000, they will either need to join the 5.5 Org (thus adding it as the sole Exchange org in your AD forest), or create a new Exchange 2000 Org (thus preventing the 5.5 Org from joining this AD and perhaps orphaning it from your network).

I would get the appropriate technology and political teams together ASAP to make sure everyone understands the implications and ramifications of moving forward separately.

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