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Job potential with A+ certification and MCSE

Can a person with no IT experience, who has an A+ certification and MCSE, expect to find a job fairly easy? If so, what kind of money should I ask for?
Without experience, certification will help you find a job, but it is not an ironclad guarantee of employment. The "fairly easily" part depends more on the state of your local economy, and what the job market is like where you live. As you probably know, the high tech marketplace in general is a bit depressed right now, and there have been many layoffs, so the outlook is not as rosy now as it was last year. I would strongly recommend that while you are looking for a job, you also get a volunteer or temporary job to start getting some experience in the IT field. That way, you will be becoming more and more employable, the longer it takes you to find work. Otherwise, your odds of finding a job will stay the same; no matter how long your search takes.
This was last published in May 2001

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