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Joining another Active Directory tree

Find out how to set up a trust between two domains.

Q: I'm currently responsible for supporting a Windows 2000 Active Directory tree. The environment is four domain controllers and one member terminal server. There are approximately 300 users distributed between two sites.

Our parent company has recently stated that they will soon be upgrading their NT environment to Active Directory. However, they have no intention of becoming part of my tree. As a result, it may well be necessary to join their tree (when set up). 

Can you advise if this is possible? If so, what do I need to do? Is there any software or reference material I can use to assist? Alternatively, is it possible to setup a trust with their AD forest? 

A: You can create a trust relationship between the two domains. Based on the level of integration, you make it a reciprocal trust or one-way. Based on the trust, you can then assign permissions.

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