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Just got NT4 MCSE. Now should I go for a MCSE 2000, MCSA 2000, or XP?

I just pass my last test for MCSE 4.0. Now, do you think I go for a MCSE 2000 or MCSA 2000, or XP? Pease let me know what you think will be the best one to help me get a good job fastest.
Without knowing what electives you chose for the NT 4.0 MCSE, I can't advise you on the details of what to do next. Let me simply point out that by qualifying for MCSA, you will be at least part-way toward an MCSE for Win2k (all MCSA exams also count toward the MCSE for Win2k). The XP/.NET exams won't be available for some time yet (probably mid to late 2002), so I think you're best served by staying on the Win2k track for now.

Good luck!

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