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Keeping the old server name after migrating to Exchange Server 2003

Find out how to keep the same server name on the new hardware after migrating from Exchange 2000 Server to Exchange Server 2003.

A customer would like the name of his server to stay the same following a migration from Exchange 2000 Server to Exchange Server 2003. I can bring up a new server and migrate the mailboxes, but I'm left with the server name issue.

I know this isn't a recommended solution, but does the NewSID program allow me to rename the server and connect it to the Active Directory (AD)? This server will not have any domain master roles; it will only be a member of the domain.

I would try to understand the business requirements for keeping the server name the same. In any case, you can add a new server, with a different name, into the existing Exchange Server organization. Once the mailbox migration is complete, you'll still need to reconfigure Microsoft Outlook profiles. You will only need to keep the source server online long enough for all clients computers to log on once.

For more information, please read Microsoft's article on how to move Exchange Server 2003 to new hardware and how to keep the same server name on the new hardware.

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