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Keeping track of sent e-mails

I need to keep track of how many e-mails are received or sent by my Exchange 2000 server per day, but I don't know how.
There are various options available to you, depending on what level of detail you require and what you're willing to invest. If you just need top-level statistics for your Internet mail connector, for example, you can look at performance monitor counters such as SMTP Server \Messages Sent/Received Total to get an idea of how many messages have been sent/received for a given connector since the last server reboot.

Unfortunately this doesn't give you the daily breakdown you're looking for, so you'll need to turn to a third-party solution. If you have a spam or antivirus SMTP gateway, you may be able to pull some daily statistics from there concerning the Internet mail portion of your Exchange environment. If you're looking for daily metrics by server, region or department, you'll want to do a search using your favorite search engine for "Microsoft Exchange reporting and analysis" to find some of the solutions available from various software vendors.

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