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Knowledge needed before taking MCSE and CCNA

What is the minimum knowledge one should have before taking the MCSE examination? Should someone have a hardware background or some knowledge of Networking? Can you answer the same question for CCNA certification too?
Start by visiting www.leapit.com and join up as a member. As a member, you can read the free online book entitled "Certification Essentials" that I have put together there. You will find your question answered not only in the chapter on Microsoft but with a detailed self-assessment in Chapter 13 as well. I suggest you check this out. To answer your direct question, you should have a decent working knowledge of PC hardware, but a strong working knowledge of networking is far more important to prep you for the MCSE. Were you to acquire any preliminary certifications prior to pursuing the MCSE, I would suggest that you tackle the CompTIA Network+ and i-Net+, in fact, rather than the A+ PC Technician certification. Visit www.comptia.org for more information on these popular certifications.

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