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Leaving Exchange for MDaemon

SearchExchange.com expert Peter terSteeg helps an administrator compare the Exchange 2003 and MDaemon 8.0 messaging platforms.

We would like to migrate and consolidate our 26 Exchange 5.5 sites to two Exchange 2003 sites. We have Windows 2000 Active Directory running in place. Clients are Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000.

I need a white paper or technology comparison guide between Exchange 2003 and MDaemon 8.0 from ALT-N. I need to clear up issues regarding compatibility with Windows Active Directory, coexistence with Exchange 5.5 during migration, e-mail free-flow during migration, migration of public folders, mailbox access, security, administration, etc.

Can you point me to any resources?

I have never used or encountered MDaemon in the field. In looking at the vendor's Web site, I noticed they publish a white paper entitled: MDaemon GroupWare (an alternative to MS Exchange).

What is prompting you to stop running a world-class messaging product like Microsoft Exchange? It would seem for nearly 100% of my customers, moving off Exchange Server is simply not an option. I would continue to focus on the upgrade path from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. E-mail is a mission-critical application that deserves a lot of consideration and attention. Moving away from your already established back-end infrastructure (Exchange) to another alternative is not a light decision.

Maybe you could arrange a meeting between you, Microsoft TAM and the ALT-N vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page in this decision process.

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