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Logging into server via workstation takes much longer than logging in locally

Admin wonders why it takes users logging into Win Server 2003 from a workstation five to ten minutes to log on.

I am running Windows Server 2003. The server is running IIS for a static Web page. The workstations connecting to the server run XP Pro. There are no profiles outside of the home directory (X drive). When users log into the server from the workstations, it takes anywhere from two to five minutes. If they log in locally, it only takes five to ten seconds. Why the discrepancy?
Slow logons are usually a sign of a couple of common problems. The first and most likely culprit is that the DNS servers listed in the workstations' network setup may be incorrect. Make sure that the DNS server listed is your Windows Server 2003, and not a DNS server on the Internet. Also, iIf you have each XP Pro machine using dynamic IP assignments, make sure they are getting their dynamic IP from the right server. Or try configuring provisional static IPs to see if that changes anything.

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