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Login problems using Integrated Windows Authentication

We are using Win2k Server with IIS5.0. I have created a new website that I need to secure with AD Pass thru authentication for internal users only. If I go to the IIS Manager and click on the properties of the web site, under directory security Tab, anonymous access and authentication control, I have only "Integrated Windows Authentication" checked. I have all the NT security set for the groups on the actual folders. The problem I am experiencing is when an authorized user accesses the web site, it forces them to put in their login and password and domain instead of pulling it thru Kerberos. If they put in their login it lets them into the site. If they do not belong to the group it says access denied like it should. I have searched all I can find on Microsoft's site and have been unsuccessful. Can you give me any ideas to try?
There are a lot of variables to account for here. First, make sure both the server and the client are on the same intranet. Then, make sure there are no proxy servers between them. Also verify that clients are using the latest version of Internet Explorer. If all of these are in place, you should be able to use automatic Integrated Windows Authentication. If you still have problems, read the "Integrated Windows Authentication" section of this article: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/cms/maintain/secauth.mspx.

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Solve SQL Server permissions and authentication problems For the past two weeks I've been trying to resolve a permissions problem, an authentication problem, or both. I've run out of ideas of where to look. Here is what I have: (1) SQL Server 2005 on a Member Server (2003) (2) I'm running Visual Studio .NET 2005 on my work station. (3) I can access the SQL Server data from within my .NET project. (4) If I access the website from outside my .NET project, I get Login Failed for user NT_AUTHORITY/NETWORK SERVICE. This happens on any PC and even the member server that houses SQL and the Intranet site IIS. (5) The reason I think I have a permissions problem is because of the behavior of two seperate test projects. Project #1 uses PROFILES to save state. When the program gets to this line of code, the Login Failed message appears. In project #2, I'm not saving state. But when the code attempts to gather data into a dataset, the program halts with the Login Failed message. Can you give me specific instructions on where to look and what to try?

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