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Login scripts not executing

I have a network where we run an NT4 primary domain controller (PDC) and a member server, which is a file and print server; all the clients are running Win2k Professional. Most of the time, the login scripts that are for mapping the resources on the file server (member server) do not execute even after placing them in the winntsystem32replimportsscripts folder and manually adding them in the profiles of each user. For one day, adding the scripts ran well, but then it failed to execute ever after. Can you please comment?
I've heard about numerous sites having problems with logon scripts properly executing when there are two different operating systems used, including NT4 DCs and 2000 or XP clients as well as 2000 DCs and NT clients. I have yet to find a suitable universal fix for these problems. However, there is ample documentation about creating, altering and troubleshooting logon scripts online. Go to Microsoft's Technet, and then search using the keywords "logon script" or just "scripts." Sorry I can't provide any more specific help on this issue.

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