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Looking for more information on MCP exams

Have you done a follow up article to "Are MCP exams failing test takers?" If so, where can I find it?
No, I haven't, nor as far as I can tell, neither has SearchWin2000.com writer Margie Semiloff, who actually wrote that article. But if you have specific questions or concerns you'd like me to address, why not post them here so I can answer them for you and also for the other readers who troll these postings?

That said, let me add that Microsoft has restored the performance by objective category information it used to provide until 2001, then canceled briefly until late in 2002. I also strongly recommend that aspiring test takers use practice tests, which invariably DO provide pretty detailed feedback to highlight areas of weakness, where further study will help improve results. This is probably more useful than feedback from a $125 exam anyway, since if you get it in advance, you can actually do something about it before you've shelled out the bucks for the actual exam.

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